Smart surfaces to optimize space

World population is expected to keep growing drastically in the upcoming decades. Specifically, the urban population, which will double between 2010 and 2050. The pressure on city housing markets is already at an alarming level.

At MIROS Technology, we will use the current existing infrastructure and modify them into adaptive spaces, allowing each person to require less ground space to enjoy the same set of activities they currently have – at home, in the office, or in sport environments. Making the footprint smaller, and therefore more sustainable.

Creating smart and adaptive spaces also allows us to make these artificial environments interactive. It not only replace currently existing spaces but also enhance them – bridging real and virtual worlds, allowing to control computers, machines and to communicate among humans thanks to it.

The vision brings MIROS further as a complete framework around humans to bring imagination closer to the actual experience users could reach.

Why is our technology important?

The current solution for overcoming a growing population relies on expanding cities, spreading infrastructures across a larger surface, creating problems with transportation systems, networks and lowering the quality of life of the people, moving them away from basic human activities, logistically and socially.

We will optimize the current usage of any living or working spaces, blurring the lines between personal offices, meeting rooms, living rooms and even restaurants or sports centers.